What is WE ALL GO?

The king of desserts may be the simple scoop of vanilla ice cream. With its frosty yet sweet complexion, it is pure joy in frozen form. But if there is any dessert that bests the simple scoop, it must be the ice cream sundae with its sprinkles, whipped cream and hot fudge. Now, if you will forgive my egregious metaphor, the update system of missional communication between Givers and Goers today may be that unadorned scoop: delicious, satisfying, yet unknowingly missing out on a bevy of joyful complements to it. I believe that modern technology allows us to improve the paper-heavy, creatively-constrained update framework with frequent glimpses of life that foster a joyful and honest relationship between Giver and Goer, in essence moving from scoop to sundae. 

For the next year I will be working for Christian Associates, a 48 year-old organization which supports 80 church plants in 20 nations. My role will be to use photography and videography to better tell the stories of what God is doing through missionaries under the notion that We All Go. This idea took root in my heart one year ago when the Spirit pierced a lie regarding the joyless obligation of giving to mission. From that point on, I cannot help but see all the joy God offers us in the missional process, and I feel called to jump in. The video below explains more about my heart behind the idea. Give it a quick watch. It's 3 minutes and 30 seconds long, exactly the length of Taylor Swift's Bad Blood.

Project Videos

Muhammad's Upper Room Church

Upper Room Church

for security reasons, email for access to Upper Room videos^