23 June 2015

What if serving Christ overseas could look fun? 

I watched about 14 Christian videos today. The content ranged from supporter updates to seminary ads but a common thread percolated throughout. Seriousness.

A sizable portion of the missionaries communication pie must be serious. After all, donors are handing over their hard-earned dollars to allow missionaries to live and that is serious business. It demands consistent communication regarding how resources are being spent for kingdom purposes, fruit of the labor, and struggles along the way.


 But what if we as goofy human beings dropped the formality guise? What if a Scottish missionary family filmed 15 seconds of awkward Dad dancing around the dinner table. Or of their son painted blue head to toe for the local soccer match. To me, the current system misses out on the opportunity modern technology allows us to share quick glimpses of honest life. The glimpse I am imagining doesn’t show redemption, promise progress or even tell a story, but it does humanize the mission. Missionaries are not super humans; they are not espresso downing, conversation having, John 3.16 sweater knitting machines. If we can remind givers that they are giving to a person, a beautiful, goofy person just like themselves, then I believe givers will smile and remember the honesty shown them.