I am proud of

mallorca, spain
bread and bitter olives

japan | closed doors
a look behind the spellbound doors of kyoto


my art
paintings and things

artist write up | giorgio morandi
a passionate restraint

wedding prep
what falling in love does for the soul

1000 gifts
the elastic pull of new socks + other minutia that comprises life

c'est bon
how a group of muslim kids showed a christian missionary what jesus' love looks like

esterillos, costa rica
to surf the sunset left and the moonrise right

harbour island, bahamas
getting there

japan | the gardens
what did the gardener who planted that tree think as he sunk his spade into a future beyond him?

japan | ryokan explained
the japanese b&b is weird in the best way

japan | closed doors
a look behind the spellbound doors of kyoto 

japan | the romantic and the cherry blossoms
first, take a taxi but if you don't, blowdrying a wool jacket actually works pretty well

new york city take one
this city is freedom, painted with a broad and hard brush

sacred valley, peru
how to travel well in slow time

scotland | vacationing in the rain
the best vacation i've yet taken

scotland | a librarian's nightmare
ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find

scotland | a common language
iranian refugees and the world's game 

Valencia, Spain
fallas: a city afire



character development curriculum for high school athletes

polaroid | a cool thing
the impossible revitalization of the iconic film brand

violence violets
boxing is beautiful

mom's day 2015
a movie for mom

birds & bees
how was "the talk" for you?

we all go
or walgo - how to change the giver / goer dynamic in missions

wedding on the california coast

wedding in marfa

big bend, texas
big place, small photo essay

paris with a lover
there is perhaps no better place in the world to walk and be in love

mallorca, spain
bread and bitter olives

to maine, to maine i say!
home movie, road trip style